• The One6 framework and deployment toolkit provided a reliable, efficient and sustainable basis for delivery across Europe.

    Programme Director – Utility, Water and Biofuels Co

Typical Business Problems

  • How can I avoid cost and time overruns?
  • How do I make the delivery sustainable and roll it out faster / run in parallel?
  • How do I ensure that people use the new processes & systems once implemented? How do we link to continuous improvement?
  • How do I ensure that I bank and reuse deliverables as assets and apply knowledge on a programme roll-out

How we have helped clients

  • Developed approach and methodology to dramatically increase efficiency and productivity to release value (effort, time,cost)
  • Established method and tool to guide teams and leverage learning and deliverables in global roll-out “adopt not invent”
  • Established change management strategy, approach, capability and plan for large multi-geography ERP enabled transformation.